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Board games can teach important social skills such as oral communication, confidence, sharing, waiting for your turn and face to face interaction with others. Board games can foster the ability to focus and lengthen the child's attention span.

Our specialized programs for school children can be conducted either at the school premises or at the cafe. They include:

  1. Digital Detox Program - Provides an alternative to online gaming with exposure to co-operative board-games from the international arena as well as our proprietary ones. This program focuses on games encouraging children to play in groups and experience the thrill of solving problems together and gain in confidence. Ideal for age groups 8 years and above.
  2. Thought in Motion - Perfect for the young ones (4-6 year olds). From games requiring hand eye co-ordination to object-balancing skills, from observation-to-rapid action games to games targeted towards increasing the attention span, we have a hand-picked collection of games from across the world to entertain and engage the young ones.
  3. Thinker in Me - From the Creative Thinker to the Strategic Thinker, these games are targeted towards application of the left and right brain and ideal for ages 8 years and above. They provide a simulated environment to encourage students to think out of the box. Most of the games are based on mathematical and scientific concepts and playing them would lead to sharper practical understanding of the theory.
  4. The Civic Soldier - We need to make this world a better a place to live in and that realization should dawn early. Our collection of proprietary games have been designed with the objective of creating awareness about our environment and civic issues to our young citizens. The games have a solution based approach along with awareness of ecological issues, encouraging students to take positive actions. We are of firm belief that with proper guidance, a child can be the much needed change bearer for our society.