Catch me if you Can

Age Group
Number of Players
Average play time
30 minutes
BoardGameGeek Rank
Game Genre
Light Games, Party Games, Children Games

This game will pan out into an elaborate cat and mouse chase, with you either being chased or outrunning the cops. Don is on a quest, to break into a high security vault, to make away with one of the world greatest treasures. It is up to you to either assist him in making this unbelievable heist, or to stop him in his tracks. The Think Tank Games Catch Me if You Can Board Game will make you choose sides. If you play as the Don, you must evade the manoeuvres of the police force in trying to stop you from making this impossible robbery. Or, as a member of the police force, join Roma, Sameer and Malik in hunting down the notorious mastermind.

Inspired by the blockbuster flick, Don 2, this game makes a great gift for fans of Farhan Akhtar’s Don films, or even Shah Rukh Khan fans. Journey around the board, hot on the tracks of one of the cleverest masterminds the world has ever seen, or as the perpetrator himself, cunningly planning out your next move. There are advantages and pitfalls along the way, in the form of helicopters and landslides that you will have to negotiate your way through. Ideal for boys and girls aged 13 years and above, this game packs all the excitement of the film into a one-of-a-kind board game.Two to four players can participate in this game of skill, wit and strategy where you will have to trust the die to thwart the opponent’s party. Live the excitement of the action packed Don film with this nail biting game.