So I met this stylishly dressed young man with a fancy hairdo and a well travelled accent . Everything about him said that he came from a well educated family or at least was fairly well travelled and educated. We met over coffee and were involved in a round of board game.

While sipping our mocktails the beginning of the game was all courtesy with "ladies first" and "choose your color" and "helpful advice". But that was that. After that the mocktail lost its fizz, the food went cold and we never met again. Why? What happened? Well, to start with, I realized we are both extremely competitive. While, I was taking time to weigh my options, I could clearly see him fidgeting, eager to make his move. I ignored it, giving benefit of doubt to competitive nature. I am myself pretty restless when I have a plan in mind. Next came the defensive phase when I saw him cheat but he refused to acknowledge. I too lost my patience and decided to match cheat for cheat. But the icing on the cake was - I WON. and he LOST! I switched off from my competitive game mode but he sulked, brooded and could never acknowledge that he lost. Pretty soon, the well travelled accent was gone and we had a classic MCP talking like I guess he talks to women in his mind. That made my decision simple.

I walked off... but I made a rule..all my dates henceforth will be over boardgames. I don't look for a perfect man but I look for an honest man..who can accept his weaknesses. Boardgames with its engaging attribute make it difficult to fake your true character. and most importantly, I have learnt, while victory brings out the best in you, loss brings out the worst..and if I can live with the worst, I can pretty much live with the guy!