Board Games or Table Top Games has been my recent obsession. I had the privilege of indulging in board games in my childhood thanks to the absence of electronic invasion and paranoid parents who think "exposure" is equal to "classes" and giving no free time to child. I had enough free time and enough cousins to sketch my childhood board game journey.

With the growing demands on life, somewhere time for board games, took a backseat. However, thanks to suggestion by family members I was re-introduced to this new avataar of board game, which, for the lack of better word, is fascinating, to say the least. Earlier games were divided into Luck based games like Ludo or Snakes and Ladder and Pure strategy based games like Chess. Now, there exists a world between the two. A simulated world where every aspect of life skills is tested. Where there is a Catan challenging your negotiation skills, there is also a Dixit liberating your creative imagination. Where you can simulate the formula racing environment, you can also live your favorite Game of Thrones character.

Some may argue that this always existed in online games and that is true. But that pure pleasure of looking into your opponents eye, the verbal duels, the pleasure of watching your opponents reaction after a closely fought game - that is something which makes board games so much compelling.