So, I did this experiment on her. She wanted to buy a pinwheel from a roadside stall and I asked her to make one if she wants it that desperately. She cried, whined and went through the entire gamut of melodrama which kids are capable of, but eventually, next morning, we sat with all our colored papers and things to make a pinwheel.  The experience was amazing to the least. For full one hour, we patiently sat, chatted, laughed, made a new toy..and never once was I trying to teach her anything (I was learning from you-tube myself along with her) nor was she trying to demand anything. We just enjoyed each other's company and I had that moment of pride when she took the pinwheel and showed to her friends that she made this one. I think even she was proud of her feat. Hence started the journey of making things together..and ever since, it's been our best bonding moments. As she grows and her levels of understanding increase so do the complexity of games we make. We apply Mathematics and Art to make board games now.  Concepts like probability, time series, progression are applied unknowingly and a very complex world becomes simple..without conscious recognition.  Somewhere in the journey of making games, she has learnt to appreciate her toys and games. She cares for them. She possess a piece created by her.  The only thing I created till date was her, and this is one feeling of hers I can understand totally.