I have this problem with my child. A problem of plenty.  A problem of Choice.  Whenever we take her out, it's a never ending series of demands. While we don't mind pampering her and can afford to fulfill her demands, what worries me, as a parent, is she getting things too easy? In the process of "buying" things are we making her alienated to the troubles which goes through in making these things and the fact that the money used to buy these things has far more value than what is denoted on the currency.

So I met this stylishly dressed young man with a fancy hairdo and a well travelled accent . Everything about him said that he came from a well educated family or at least was fairly well travelled and educated. We met over coffee and were involved in a round of board game.

Board Games or Table Top Games has been my recent obsession. I had the privilege of indulging in board games in my childhood thanks to the absence of electronic invasion and paranoid parents who think "exposure" is equal to "classes" and giving no free time to child. I had enough free time and enough cousins to sketch my childhood board game journey.