Bogglingames is the brain child of Kirti Rathi Banerjee:

bg kirti

A post graduate from SCMHRD with over a decade of experience in the banking and financial industry, she discovered her passion for board games. As she played on and made new friends (well may be a few enemies too), she realised there is a board game for everyone... and most likely more than one...

While playing a board game with friends or family (or strangers!) can prove to be the best stress-buster you can ever imagine, it can also help pick up quite a few relevant life skills.

There was a challenge though... there were very few options in India to explore the ever-expanding variety of games. Limited availability and steep prices of newly released games were big deterrents. 

Necessity being the mother of invention, Kirti decided to combine her passion for good food and exciting games... and gave her home town Kolkata it's very first board game cafe - Bogglingames!

Meet our Game managers:


bg ayan

Chief Game Manager at Bogglingames is an expert in all kind of board games. Passionate about all games, he can take you through any of the 200 odd games in our collection. His dream is to make his own board game (and he is well on his course for that one..)


bg adwait

A person who can play many a cameo innings, his forte is strategy games. Trust him to decode the toughest games and explain it in a jiffy to you...


bg sai

Calm and composed, you can ask him tons of questions and he will always have a smile while clearing your doubts, His easy going nature makes him very popular with kids and adults alike.


bg subhra

Youngest of the lot, she juggles effectively between playing the new games in cafe with her new syllabus in college! 

Our Pillars of Support also include:

Snehangshu Banerjee

bg snehangshu

A Jadavpur University and IIM Lucknow alumnus, a risk analyst by profession, risk taker by nature  

Yagnish Rathi

bg yagnish

IIT KGP and IIM Calcutta alumnus, crazy about Catan. A keen gamer, loves tracking new games in the global arena.

Kaustubh Ray

bg kaustubh

A Jadavpur University and NID alumnus with a keen eye for design and passion for changing the world to a better place